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Available Rental Properties

Investing and/or need Property Management?

As an investor you probably have a number of questions-  the first one for most people is “how do I invest?”  Other things you will want to decide on include:

  • Do you want to buy and rent a property? 

  • Do you want to buy a property to renovate and resell it (also known as “flipping”). 

  • If selling a property, would you consider doing an owner finance option?

How does my Property Management work for you:

  • First, I will perform a rental analysis on your property, to determine a marketable rental rate. 

  • Vacant property is assessed for any needed repairs and these repairs are discussed with the owner. 

  • Once vacant properties are market ready, I will advertise the property. My marketing can include, Multiple Listing Service (MLS),,, signage & flyers, to name a few. 

Additional Information on Property Management

  • Occupied rentals are assessed for any unreported repairs that are needed, as well as, overall condition of the unit. 

  • Tenants are screened after an application is taken with cost to the applicant. I will assess credit worthiness, as well as, past rental and job history, via a computer program.

  • Owners will receive a monthly statement from the office.

  • All maintenance requests are recorded at the office for monitoring purposes.


Repair & Maintenance

Full-service maintenance request capabilities, and expertise scheduling.

Management Services

We manage your properties efficiently and effectively, providing exceptional service.

Payments, Deposits, Rent Collection

Security deposits, rent payments, and all monetary transaction solutions.

Purchase and Leasing of Properties

With 25+ years of experience as a realtor can buy and sell anyone of your properties.


Questions and Appointments


Affiliates & Associations